Winner: Best Short Film Fiction Award-2018

Year: 2018

Country: India

Genres: Short Film / Fiction / Drama

Run Time: 20 minutes

Language: Hindi

Writer& Director: Sanjay Kamble

Producers: Media Edge Productions

Cast: Prashant Singh Rajput,Madhusudhan Bisoi,& Sanjay Kamble

Cinematographer: Nilesh Padghamol

Music: Amit Kashyap


It’s a story of a 20 years old young man who comes to Mumbai to pursue his dreams to act in a film. After been disappointed by his struggle & he lose the hope to act in a film.

All a sudden his phone rungs & to his surprise, he get an opportunity to work in a short film. But the Director put’s an condition that he need to be in character of transgender for the whole day before the act. He agreed the role & dress up & get in to the character.

But the destiny plays reserve & he was consider to be transgender by the drunkard peoples & was raped.


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