Winner: Best Short Film Award-2015

Year: 2015

Country: India

Genres: Short Film / Thriller / Drama

Run Time: 10 minutes

Language: Hindi

Director: Sanjay Methew

Writer: Anamika Singh

Producers: Brejesh Patel & Timmanna Hegde

Cast: TanviMadhyan,Seema Mathew,Shivali Chourasia,Gganesh Mayekar,Prashant Vilankar

Cinematographer: Timmanna Hegde

Music: Anuj Bhatt


Gener :Documentry Drama
Is there a Child Predator in your house? The high incidence of Child Predator in our country, especially by close family members, makes it imperative for parents to listen to their children carefully. Never ignore your child’s discomfort with a familiar person “Sometimes someone hurts you so bad, it stops hurting at all. Until something makes you feel again, and then it all comes back: every word, every hurt, every moment.”


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