Winner: Best Short Film Award-2011

Year: 2011

Country: India

Genres: Short Film / Thriller / Drama

Run Time: 22 minutes

Language: Hindi

Writer & Director:Ganesh Devidas Kadam

Producers: Pune Mahanagr Presents

Cast: Deepak Bhosale, Roshan Joshi

Cinematographer: Rajesh limkar & Bablu Sharma

Music: Pravin Joshi


This is a short film of 22 minutes for social awareness of citizens about using the over bridge to cross the railway lines.

A man, in a hurry to catch the immediate train on the next platform, in order to reach his office early , crosses the railway tracks, avoiding walking across the over bridge . He goes to the next platform, but his wife and son get confused on reaching the tracks. They are hit by the running train. The man’s wife had been urging him to use the bridge and catch the next train, instead of hurrying down the tracks. But the man didn’t pay heed to her and saw his world destroyed before his eyes. This film shows how a small mistake can ruin the life of a man.


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