Winner : Best Short Film Award-2014

Year: 2014

Country: India

Genres: Short Film: Murder / Thriller / Drama

Run Time: 29 minutes

Language: Hindi

Director:Bharti Bachchani

Writer:Rajesh Bachchani

Producers: Rajesh Bachchani

Cast: Gopal K. Singh, Rajesh Barsewal, Akshay Verma, K.C. Shanker, Harsh Sharma, Ganesh Sonavane

Cinematographer: Duleep Regmi

Music: Sanjay K. Pathak


“Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala” is story about guilt. The guilt, which Police Constable Ganesh Patil is carrying since previous many years, while serving Police Department, but not liking what he is doing as a cop. This is a one day story of Ganesh’s life, a day when an auto-rickshaw driver is caught for a drink and drive case. Because of his good nature, Ganesh tries to set the auto driver free. But that nature is not good enough for his good deeds because to set him free he has to face his senior Sub-Inspector, Rane’s frustration and Inspector Patil’s greed, and above all, his own guilt. Due to those problems the auto driver’s situation becomes worse than he ever thought. The driver got beaten up, got dragged into a false case and something which Ganesh couldn’t even think of. At the end of Ganesh’s this dark day, auto driver was found dead.


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