5’O Clock Accidents

Winner: Best Short Film Award-2014

Year: 2014

Country: India

Genres: Short Film / Thriller / Drama

Run Time: 17 minutes

Language: Hindi

Writer & Director: Ruchir Arun

Producers: Nirmal Foundation Kolkata

Cast: Tilotomasshoma, Joy Sengupta, Ayush Khedker & Dinker Sharma

Cinematographer: Sylvester Fonseca

Music: Goural Dutta


Gener :Documentry Drama
The film 5 o’ clock accident is a story set in a typical nuclear family setup with two parents and an only child, Apu. As the film begins, we see Apu falling prey to a number of seemingly random accidents, each one at 5 o’ clock. But we do not know the mysterious reason behind each of these “5 o’ clock Accidents


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