Winner: Best Short Film Award-2019

Year: 2019

Country: Newzealand

Genres: Short Film / Regional/ Drama

Run Time: 13 minutes 47 seconds

Language: Gujarati / English

Writer& Director: Shuchi Kothari

Producers: Shuchi Kothari & Producer

Cast:Jaimini Pathak, Prakash N Shah

Director Of Photography : Mrinal Desai


Avi, 45, a silicon-valley engineer, returns to India for a few days to look after his bedridden father. In contrast to their prickly relationship, the father shares a warmth with all his professional caregivers. His favourite is Natthu, the attendant who performs the unpleasant task of wiping bottoms and bedpans. One afternoon it all goes out of kilter when the father has diarrhoea in Natthu’s absence. A desperate Avi realises that he must let go of his own crap before he can clean his father’s shit.


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