The journey of International Film Project Festival

Human beings have always excelled beyond God’s creativity

Creation is an everyday process. People work relentlessly to bring their imagination into visual storytelling, and thus every person is a creator.

We, at International Film Project Festival, aim at discovering the creators, valuing and showcasing their talent to the whole world. We understand the hardships of film makers to find a platform that appreciates the process of creation, and the creation itself.

We have successfully organised 9 International film festivals so far, in which, we have received more than 5000 short film entries. And film makers from around 75 countries have so far have participated in this film festival.

Gujarat International Film Festival Society since its birth in 2011, has been working diligently to build a community of content creators in the wide spectrum of visual art. Here we encourage the enthusiasm and cheer the creation of aspiring film makers.

Gujarat International Film Festival Society, is providing a unique platform –“International Film Project” to encourage storytelling and also to give wings to their dream of film making.

As a part of this great venture, this year (2021) , we are organising a Story telling competition. If you have always wondered where to start and how to present your stories in front of the audience? This is exactly for you!!. May be some of you shall bag the opportunity to flaunt your talent at the next International Film Festival and you may never know,you may be winning the prestigious trophy as well.

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