We request your association to be a part of our institution to help the talented upcoming short filmmakers in a unique way andAcademy of Cultural Activities and Art Institute ,’Dream Kreator’ Digital Studio these two banners stand uniquely at the top , when it comes to the arena of film, art and culture of Surat for the last 18 years. The International short film festival conducted by the above banner has become a prime event in the art calendar of Surat since 2011.

We all know Cinema reflects the society, some times it entertains you, sometimes it overwhelms you, and some times gives you a strong introspection and thus it is a gamut of rollercoaster emotions . Many times it changes your outlook towards life as well. By conducting film festival, our aim is to provide the much required platform for the amateur film makers as we know the first step is always hard. And we want to become a helping hand and stepping stone for talented upcoming filmmakers.

The other relevant purpose is to bridge the gap between quality cinema and common people. Thus to Give them a chance to view some of the beautifully made short films and also a chance to interact with the film makers . We are sure that this process will make a healthy environment for the art lovers. Apart from this, it obviously has a social consequence too. We believe art liberates people from the social evils prevailing in the society and at the same time it takes you to peace and happiness, which is much required in today's world.

Every year ‘Gujarat International Short film festival’ receives entries not only from India but from all over the world, which is highly encouraging to us. Apart from that , the entries include films from budding artists representing some of the prestigious institutes of India, like ‘Film and Television Institute’, Pune, ‘Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute’ , Kolkata , ‘Whistling Wood International Institution’ , Mumbai etc.

After 8 stupendous and successful years of hosting the short film festivals, this year a new feather in our crown in the form of a new venture which is the hosting of "Women Short Film Festival ". This is to promote and actively involve the participation of more women in different spheres of film making. The aim and objective of this initiative is to involve the participation of women from different parts of the world. At the same time such a venture is challenging in its own ways, like the financial aspects of conducting such film festivals on a grand scale year after year.

Our institute has been organizing such festival on 'no profit no loss' base sans any commercial motive, usually with the budget of Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh. So we by this World Wide Web appeal most politely to donate minimum $100/- to this " Crowd Funding Campaign " , by depositing the sum in the bank account whose details are given below. We once again request your generous support for this ambitious project.

The names of the kind donors will be given credit in the official website of this institute. The NRI donors will be given chance to be a co sponsor for the events subject to conditions.

Details of the bank account:
Bank: Bank Of India.Adajan Branch.Surat.Gujarat-395001
Account number: 275120110000288