Mr. Abhishek Galshar was born on 31st May, 1968 in a cultured and noble family in Surat. He studied Diploma in Radio & Television Communication. He is Artistic Director, Theatre person and Filmmaker.

In 1984, he had won the prizes for Best Director and Actor in one act and three-act plays contests respectively, organized by Gujarat state.

In 1987, he launched his debut venture 'Madharate Haveli-no Bhed' a Gujarati play written, acted and directed by him. By joining Yatri Group of Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, he acted in plays like 'Ek tha Gatha', 'Sakharam Binder', 'Resham Ganth' (directed by Shafi Inamdar) and 'Chugachig', Hindi plays.

He bagged a National Award for writer and director of the play Bapu ke Desh me Bhaio ka Raj' in 1990. He has also designed T.V. Advertisements and produced and directed Short Film Documentary on AIDS. He won a special prize an International Award-2009 for his short film on AIDS at San Francisco International Film Festival as its Writer and Director.

He has an honor to establish the 'Academy of Cultural Activities & Art Institute, Surat', in 1998 for the first time in Gujarat, under the banner of which he has provided platform to more than 25000 artists to perform their talent in art; and have honored more than 200 stage T.V. and film artists, directors and social workers with various awards. The Academy still holds award ceremonies every year.

Mr. Galshar has successfully organized more than 1000 stage shows of various sorts. He has been a popular event manager and an active social worker in Gujarat.